At NYCC, our standard has always been to provide exceptional service that delivers high quality products to your doorstep quickly and safely. We wanted our packaging to reflect our brand's unique style. You will always receive your products in a safely sealed package, with a clean and modern look. 

We pride ourselves on attention to detail when it comes to selecting our products to ensure that you are provided with top shelf, organically grown flower hand picked by cannabis connoisseur's. This means your products will never be sprayed with pesticides, such as insecticide, fungicide, or rodenticides that can be toxic and potentially even fatal to humans if ingested in high concentrations.

Our oils and extracts are curated from licensed organic farms. This means that the Cannabliss Gummies are made locally using the most highly concentrated and pure oils possible for the infusion process. We always wanted to create our own products so we could ensure that the consumers are receiving the highest of quality. New York is crowded with cheap, questionable and potentially dangerous tampered products. We want to assure our customers that you will never receive products that are anything less than top tier.

Your safety and happiness are our number one priority. 

Our team looks forward to servicing you!